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Several attempts to copy our webpage have been made in the last 2 years.  To those medical marijuana clinics that have copied, or to those who are considering copying our webpage, let this be a warning that you are violating our federal copyright.

This web page and its contents are entirely federally copyrighted by ACC. Although we are flattered that so many have copied our webpage and model, we have worked extremely hard and spent countless hours and dollars in formulating our webpage. ACC will prosecute you if you copy the contents of our webpage.

The following companies have copied our webpage and we are currently pursuing legal actions against them in federal court:,,, marijuanaidcard. These companies have demonstrated a tremendous lack of integrity. These companies are still displaying our company name and the ACC acronyms throughout their web pages.  Would you entrust your health records and verification with such poor management and irresponsible ownership?

  • Patients should be aware of these illegal practices. Ask yourself do you want to do business with a company and a doctor that can't even write their own content and misrepresent who they are ?
  • Would you trust your healthcare to such unscrupulous tactics?
  • If they demonstrate such low ethics and business morals why would you visit their clinic?

Please note that these companies have been contacted and still refuse to change the materials on their webpage.

The following content was created by ACC and copied by the impostors.

HHHA Copied Verification page
HHHA Copied Medical Marijuana Recommendations page
HHHA Copied About Us page
HHHACopied Patient FAQs page


Mediplex Copied Our Clinic page
Mediplex Copied Patient FAQs page


We will update the list of violators soon.

To report an infringement please contact us


Do not be fooled by cheap imitations.
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