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“I’m very happy with the holistic approach and honesty with doctor and patients. They explained clearly what entails in counseling, care and what is involved in the procedure.” Lee – San Diego
“My experience was great! Everybody was nice and courteous. The wait was not long at all. ” Justin – San Diego
“The staff and doctor were very compassionate and understanding. They took the time to answer all of my questions and were very friendly and welcoming. I loved the fountains, very relaxing. It was a very welcoming experience, thank you!” Jennifer – San Diego
“ACC was a very pleasant and informative experience. People should give alternative medicine a try!” Jorge – San Diego
“When standard medicines do not work, this is an excellent alternative.” Anonymous – San Diego
“Keep up the good work and professionalism!” Anonymous – Palm Springs
“The staff and doctor was easy to talk to and very professional. ACC and Prop. 215 help make my life more comfortable. Thank you!” Tiffany – San Diego
“The service I got was excellent! The doctor provided very good information.” Anonymous – Los Angeles
“Once again the staff and doctor have displayed exceptional service and care. They recommended websites regarding natural and safe ways for me to relieve my asthma.” Jason – Los Angeles
“The environment was very pleasant. The doctor did well with all my questions.” Anonymous – Los Angeles
“Excellent customer service! The staff was very helpful, caring, and supportive. The visit was very informative.” Matthew – Los Angeles
“I'm allergic to anti-depressants but suffer from depression. Marijuana enables me to function: work, think straight, write, etc. I'm very happy to be legally functioning now. Thank you ACC!” Anonymous – San Diego
“My impression with the staff and doctor was pleasant, expedient, and personable. I would endorse and recommend to friends, associates, and customers.” Anonymous – San Diego
“Medical Marijuana is a very positive alternative to prescription medicine and western approach. An excellent experience overall.” Cindy – Los Angeles
“ACC made a nervous situation very pleasant. Thank you for helping!” Guy – San Diego
“Thank you ACC! The team you sent up to Palm Springs was absolutely GREAT! Alternative CARE Clinics. As you can see I put into CAPS the word CARE simply because I feel that word really defines you guys. Your team was very friendly and helpful. The doctor was CARE-ing he listened, he explained, he asked if I had any questions! Thank you ACC .” Paul – Palm Desert

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